Marketing & Business: Vendor to Vendor Relations

Oh the list of things I wish I had been told at the beginning! As a nervous, self-preoccupied newbie,  I was too engrossed in keeping my head above water to take the time and build relationships with the other wedding vendors. What a missed opportunity! This is why I'm telling YOU to open your eyes and see the incredible potential you have to make your business grow through reaching out.

At every wedding, you have multiple vendors -

  • Caterer
  • Hair/makeup stylist or salon
  • Dress company
  • Rental company
  • DJ
  • Venue
  • Cake Bakery
  • Florist
  • Wedding Coordinator or Stylist
  • Officiant

And the list goes on. These people all have the potential to be your brand evangelists. Spread the love, grab their business cards (or have your second shooter on this) build strategic alliances, send them photos for their marketing --> they will love you and start talking about you. So easy. As Tim sanders explains, "great product [and services] spread through buzz and the power of human connectors" Follow up, help people get ahead. They will never forget you.

For the florist, I create these little 5x7 print cards as a thank you to display their work and give them something to hand their new clients. espefloral

Takes me maybe 20 min to readjust this template every time. Send off about 25 of them to the florist directly and you've one happy camper.

For an extra special venue that I want to network with, I might send a bottle of Bourbon,  or customized chocolates with my logo (Big plug for Nicole Herinckx and DOT SHOPPE )



Genuinely serve with generosity, you'll be surprised at how much of that will return your way.