Persimmon Golf Club Wedding: Tim + Ana

Persimmon Golf club is a gem of a venue tucked away in outer Gresham with a spectacular view of Mt Hood. Suffused with bright sunlight, it was the welcome host to this multi-cultural, love-filled wedding. Ana and Tim met overseas, and slowly built a sweet friendship of trust and mutual faith. Over time, with the help of a few friends ;), Tim and Ana saw each other as more than just companions and opened their hearts to what God had in store for them in each other. It is so obvious to everyone around them, this couple fits likes a glove.  

  It was with such great delight that I witnessed their love culminate in this beautiful wedding ceremony. I have never heard so many different accents all at one event! I wish you could have heard the British, Portugese, Chinese, Northern Ireland, Indian... you name it. It really gave me a glimpse of what heaven might be like when every nation and tongue come together as one family. 

  Ana and Tim, you both are a beautiful reflection of your faith in God and his transforming power. Thank you Tim for singing that beautiful song to your bride during the reception, it has stuck with me since and brings tears to my eyes. 

  These images below are just a tiny smattering of my favorites- enjoy! 

Persimmon Golf Club Wedding by Portland Wedding Photographer Christa Taylor. 

Dance Shots: Using Off-Camera Flash

Off-camera flash is a trick I pull out of my back pocket every single wedding. I guess, at that point, it's not much of a trick anymore- but you get the idea ;) 

As you probably know, between low-light and moving subjects, dancing shots are not easy to capture. Usually I'm sweating, and laughing, and thankful I have super fast batteries. 

  But all in all, dancing shots are a great part of the wedding reception, so many fun memories involved, and well worth knowing how to capture. 

  So here goes. 


My recipe for dance shots: 

1. Off camera flash triggered wirelessly to my camera. Set the flash on a stand or table where desired, acting as a backlight. 

2. On camera flash to expose the subjects with a medium shutter speed, set on manual. The flash will freeze the motion so you don't have to worry too much about blur. 

3. Persevere. Sometimes it feels like it takes 30 shots to get one keeper, but that's the nature of candid dancing shots. Guests typically aren't thinking, "I should be photogenic right now", so you keep shooting, keep checking if the images are sharp, keep sweating ;) 

  Here's a smattering of dance shots from the past few weddings- I noticed a tangible difference when I upgraded my speed-light, but the technique is the same. 

**These were all shot on digital vs film 

Cannon Beach Elopement: Capture the Love

Cannon Beach was the backdrop to this simple elopement and will always be remembered as the beginning of John and Rachael's journey together. There's something about the way John looks at his bride that gives me tingles. He's proud of her, desires her, protective of her...try to capture all of that in a photo. Gee.  Here's my small attempt in 30 minutes to capture the love of a lifetime. 

  I love shooting at Cannon Beach, or any beach really, because the wind brings a ton of energy to the photo and hooks you in. Give me a flowey dress and some wind and I am one happy photographer.  It's hard not to take a beautiful photograph when the wind, weather and wardrobe are all working in my favor. Course, John and Rachael weren't bad looking either ;) 

Fuji Film, developed by Photovision Prints

  Cannon Beach wedding and Cannon Beach elopement photos by Portland wedding photographer, Christa Taylor.