Engagement Hotness: Meagan + Evan Cathedral Park Engagement

The Sun was warm, and the wind high atop ASA Lofts in the Pearl. It was one of those days when you want to slip into your  bathing suit, lay out and just soak it in. I love when the wind has it's way with your hair- the movement, the lift, the lightness of it. Even though it may wreak havoc with neatly plaited locks, it does have a care-free beauty. Meagan is soft and airy, a delicate impression on the mind. She has such a beautiful personality, thoughtful, genuine, and refreshingly unaware that she is absolutely stunning. I wanted a whole hour with just her! Evan is a sure compliment, outgoing, comfortable with the camera, confident with this gorgeous woman at his side.

For some reason having the Portland cityscape behind them seemed fitting. Meagan's an architect and Evan an attorney- they understand the ebb and flow of the city.  For Meagan and Evan's engagement session, we started on the roof and caught a few more in the lobby before heading to Cathedral Park.

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