Before and After Photos: Leanne

Before and After Photo beauty. When you have a set of THE most gorgeous doe eyes like Leanne, you can see why it's easy for people to assume she's "more innocence" than the passionate and competent woman she is.  Leanne Miller Media (yay for Portland Photographers!) was a dream to work with. Her genuine passion for life, fearlesslness and effortless glamor screamed on camera.

This collection was to create a diverse portfolio of images- some glamor, some corporate, some creative, some fashion and editorial. Reading between the lines- it means non-stop awesomeness.

Today, Leanne, nobody would assume you're younger than you are, watch out world! Business Diva on the loose!! Check out her work, her niche is video footage and will be soon doing a Christa-Taylor behind the scenes reel for our boudoir site (Can I hear a Woot woot?)



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