Portrait: Brooke Taylor

Portraiture is more than just taking a picture. It's creating an experience, that feeling of sweeping glamor, pampering, feeling beautiful. This project was absolutely amazing. 30 min. 51 shots. 13 keepers. 

Brooke is 14. She is the sweetest thing on 2 feet and loves to pour out her life for others. She has never worn makeup, nor been photographed before professionally. I was amazed at how easily she took my posing directions and we captured these photos very quickly.

Location: In Brooke's home bathroom. We just cleared off all the shelves so she could "perch", ready for flight.

Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe: C-T Team

Shooting Nikon. 50 1.4 (@f1.8)  and 85mm 1.4, 1/160th ISO 1600. No reflectors.

Final shot. She is stunning.