Adventures of Husby and Wifey: Bowling Bomb

When it comes to Bowling, Husby and Wifey couldn't be more opposite. The Bowling connoisseur and rules master is on the left. The absolute bomb, never over 20 points, sits on the right. As much as Husby tries to convince Wifey to play the game, she stands resolute and refuses to lift the 3 holed WMD from the glistening rack. Why is this? Our research uncovered the tragic story...

Last time Wifey went bowling, she was in a crowded alley, friends all around, the hot guys, the cute girls, everyone single and having a terrific time. As usual Wifey's skills are less than stellar, and in increasing dismay she mounts the gleaming wood floor for round #5. All was going according to plan, when instead of releasing the ball, Wifey's thumb refused to cooperate and both Wifey and ball are propelled down the lane, landing with a thunderous crash and barging belly-flop style towards the pins.

Gravity finally kicked in half-way down the lane, and with every eye upon her, she shambled back towards the seats, wishing she had a Harry Potter invisibility cloak to conceal her blushing cheeks and crushed pride.

No wonder Husby has no luck with his cajoling remarks. To relive that painful experience is just that. PAINFUL.

So Wifey sits and takes photos of the momentous happenings in the bowling alley, as content as can be. Here's the evidence to prove it: