A Skinny Girls Best Friend

DSC_3903 In 2 days time, I'm heading to Vegas for the annual Photographers convention. 14,000 photographers will converge on spot. The thought of that many camera people and camera jargon is enough to terrify anyone...

However, contrary to what one might suppose, I am not fearful of the oncoming torrent of camera info and technique. There are many articles available on what to bring, what to wear, who to talk to, how to act like you're not a nervous, awkward amateur etc etc.

Rather, I'm in a state of complete befuddlement over What do I bring to eat?? The thought of 4 days without my beloved popcorn pot?? I'm already suffering from separation anxiety.Would I look ridiculous asking the flight attendant if she could kindly stuff my pot in the over-head bin?

You see, I'm a self-proclaimed popcorn addict. Ever since seesawing up and down 30lbs, weight watchers, fighting bulimia, and finding my identity apart from my appearance (still in progress folks!) I've come to love this white, fluffy, mana from heaven.

There's only one way to properly manufacture these goods. A classic pot with hot oil on the stove top. I am firmly set in my ways, probably because that's the way Dad always made it growing up (yes Dad, you still make the worlds best popcorn). No butter, just light salt or parmesan cheese. :) MMMmmmm. This is making me hungry.

I know while I'm sitting in the umpteenth workshop I'm going to be dying for popcorn on the inside. ::sigh:: Why don't they equip modern hotel rooms with a stove top these days? Don't they know us foodie Portlanders can't survive in Las Vegas without our precious edibles?

Perhaps it's time to suck it up and cling to my pillow pet for comfort. That...or use my pot as a suitcase. It just might work...