The Case for Slow


While it may be argued that texting is a bane to society and incredibly unprofitable, I do believe there is another side to this debate. Being productive is good. Very good. Yes, you may enjoy reading or blogging or folding or biking or running errands or brainstorming instead...but is life on warp speed so often you forget what normal was?  Do you have space for your brain to rest, to pause, to savor?

Friends, countrymen...lend me your ear.

You've worked long hours, your brain is tired, you no longer have the umph necessary to blog or read or cook or think, you just want to sit...and then a sweet little something comes into your conscious. A brief, take-a-moment, breathe of fresh air. It comes not by post, not by telephone, not by email or pigeon carrier.

It comes in the form a textual message.

my argument is simple. Sometimes we need to be interrupted. We need to send a quick sweet nothing to a friend or loved-one. When apart or otherwise, is there something wrong with slowing down and enjoying a moment of sweet wastefulness?

Where do you draw the line between common sense and insane non-productivity? Therein lies the question. For me,

I resolve to waste my time in moments of glory. In moments of sweetness. In moments of happiness. Or at least after 5pm :)