What I'd Say to a Younger Me

castaway portland wedding photographer christa taylor For a long time I was a little embarassed by my emotions. I would stuff them down under a composed exterior, the in-control Christa. It wasn't until I met and fell in love with my own dear Husband that I finally became comfortable with embracing them.

Not only have I become more relateable (so my mom says, and you know she's always right) but its made me a better photographer. Father/Daughter moments really do make me cry and seeing a groom's fierce love for his bride gets me every time.

What I would say to a younger me is this: Let go of your emotional inhibitions and shoot with unbridled passion. Shoot it like you want to shoot it, deep down, not like what's just expected of you or the way other photographers do. Jump out of the box sooner, stick to your guns and continue developing your signature look. Stop second guessing yourself in the moment and lead your clients right to the point you want them. Spend your time looking forward, stop being scared and jump.