Before and After: Grace

Sometimes my tongue gets tripped up all over my words and I can't get them in the right order. This is guaranteed to happen when I am 1) Extremely excited and 2) Extremely concentrated. Explanations and directions that should pour forth like an copious river of fluid thought get stuck in the dam of my mental processes. Harumph.

So be it.

When Grace walked out of the dressing room, I had one of those moments. Dumb struck to be exact. Unbelievably stunning. I think I broke a new record running to my camera to start shooting, and capturing her was a dream let me tell you.

Grace, your name is so fitting, your smile, your passion, your confidence- hearing your story - You had me from the moment you let the name of your beloved "Marciel" roll off your tongue ;)

Keep loving life, your little one(s?) and that handsome man of yours to the fullest. And please find every excuse to get photographed on a regular basis, because I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.