Portland Engagement Photos: Powell Butte

Portland Engagement photos are one of my favorite shoot sessions. There are so many gorgeous locations to shoot in Portland for your Portland engagement session. If you're looking for rustic, romantic outdoor engagement photos- then Powell Butte is your spot. It's like stepping into a wild-life reserve, minus the wildlife. I always secretly imagine that Johnny Appleseed planted the orchard at the top of the Butte. Who knows? Maybe he did! 

  Our styled engagement shoots include a double makeover for the bride and styling props from the studio. Can you tell the difference between the digital and film images? 



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Angels Rest Engagement Session: Dan + Kristen

Angels Rest Engagement Shoot by Christa-Taylor, Portland wedding photographer

Marriage will change you. If approached correctly, you will become the best version of yourself through the "iron sharpening iron" effect of living with your closest friend. Yes, they are your friend but they are also your lover, your counselor, your confident, your sounding board, the voice of reason, the anchor within the storm, and often - the truth you need to hear. 

 Together you have committed to walk through life hand in hand through every obstacle, even the ones our own hearts and selfishness create. 

 But that is part of the beauty of it. The places of decay in our hearts must be taught to blossom, and it usually requires pruning. If done right, Marriage is the best, most painful, most romantic "pruning" you can imagine. 

  So here's to another marriage soon to be-  

  My younger brother Dan (one of my 4 amazing brothers) is now engaged and his fiance' Kristen, from Alaska, agreed to hike to the top of Angels Rest for this stunning shoot. 

  Yes, it was freezing. Yes, I am pregnant. Yes, I couldn't breathe. 

It was worth it. 



Angels Rest Engagement Shoot by Portland wedding photographer Christa-Taylor.