Highschool Hottie: Sara Winslow

Sara has been a dear friend for many years. Gosh, too many to count now that I think about it! She has blossomed over the years into this incredibly beautiful girl with a heart of love that remains unmatched in my circle of friends. It's been many shoots where Sara has assisted tirelessly so it was such a joy to work on this project together as a thank you. Mom and sister Ruth came along for company and we just laughed the whole time. (Ruth and my sister Brooke are extremely entertaining- should be comedians).

Thank you Sara for all those hours of work and for being such an example of God's love to this world! Enjoy this next season way out in Minneapolis!

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Mt Tabor Family Portraits: The Seymours

Sometimes happiness is in little pockets of life. 1 hour of sunshine on Mt Tabor surrounded by loved ones that have little chubby fingers and toes. When, as a photographer, I somehow get to be included in this happy moment, I feel supremely lucky. Happiness is contagious, but I bet you knew that already. Hanging out with happy people makes me happy, and vice versa.

So here's a toast to happiness in the extraordinarily ordinary moments of life that leave us content and full.Mt Tabor Family portraits

Mt Tabor Family portraits_0182 Mt Tabor Family portraits_0184

Mt Tabor Family portraits Mt Tabor Family portraitsMt Tabor Family portraitsMt Tabor Family portraitsMt Tabor Family portraits