Anniversary Shoot: Mark + Christina

Just over a year to date,  we were on the shores of the Columbia watching Mark and Christina vow their love and faithfulness witnessed by their family gathered round. Fast forward a year and they are rocking it, still super happy together, loving life and building their future with a passion. I envisioned a James Bond-esque shoot and while we didn't have the Aston Martin or the alcohol it certainly captured a bit of the mood. Maybe more of a fusion of James Bond and Vanity Fair. Keeping it real ;)



Vanity Fair Inspired Portraits

Vanity Fair and Vogue Magazine have always been sources of inspiration for me. The glossy pages are iconic of timeless sophistication and glamour, it exemplifies how I would want to be photographed, and influences how I capture others. This beautiful family was attending a wedding I was shooting last Saturday, the window light streaming in was too perfect to resist. It only takes 5 minutes to capture the moment...


Fashion Shoot: Moulagerie

Some of the key differences I've noticed between portraiture and fashion: 1. Eye contact vs Eyes off-camera. Fashion has a lot of "off camera" glances while portraiture keeps eye-contact because so much of the personality of the individual is captured in the eyes. For portraits I intentionally keep eyes at camera or eyes down her own bodyline.

2. Full length vs Cropped. For me, women have a beauty triangle- the head, shoulders to right below the breasts. This is where I keep my focus in portraiture. Rarely do I include the feet. Fashion, however, completely ignores the individual and focuses on the product (clothing, fashion accessory)

3. Emphasis is on showing off the clothes vs telling a story of the person. Never have wrinkles in the attire or puckers in the pockets created so much drama than at a fashion shoot. Keep those clothes looking perfect or we have to do it all over again! :D