Zenith Vineyard Wedding: Portland Wedding Photography

Zenith vineyard wedding portland or christa-taylor_0718 Zenith vineyard wedding portland or christa-taylor_0719Romantic Vineyard wedding, Zenith Vineyard wedding The perfect venue consists of several factors when it comes to planning your perfect Portland Oregon wedding. Granted, Zenith Vineyard is a bit out of town, but that's just fine. A little drive sets the stage for the drama later. Out in wine country, sits Zenith Vineyards surrounded by beautiful hills. They even feature a horse coral and a beautiful rustic barn for your wedding photos. Factor number #1: Drama. Create a beautiful visual.

Factor #2: Comfort for your guests. Venues that are exclusively outdoors often are difficult to work with. Zenith offers both outdoor and indoor options as the night goes on.

Factor #3: Great food. I know this is probably lower on some peoples lists- but as a portland wedding photographer,  I have tried some really bad catering. Zenith is definitely not one of them.

Factor #4: Great party spot. You have the drama, the comfort, the food- now you need a great party. The ballroom at Zenith is fantastic. Ideal for 180 guests its a great dance floor with plenty of room for a dj. A bit cramped for a full band, but that depends on your guest count.

Factor #5: No time limit. You know how many venues kick you out at a certain point? A Lot. Zenith knows that it's ideal client is there for the evening so they even off late-night catering options for the guests to enjoy. Pulled Pork Sandwiches, a marshmallow bar- even a whiskey and cigar bar were all cool add-ons.

Overall, having been to dozens of portland venues (and the surrounding area), i have to say this is one of my favorites. As a photographer, the light is ideal and it gets a gorgeous sunset in the vineyard up top. And who doesn't want a stunning fountain greeting their guests upon arrival? Just watch that your guests don't get too loopy and decide to go for a swim.

I have shot here on more than one occasion and I love it!