Why You Love Shooting Weddings

There is a little bit of photo-journalist in each of us (unless I'm making a huge generalization, which...I probably am). Regardless of your photo-journalistic tendancies, weddings pose the single, most-frequent, opportunity for you to tell a story.

 It's a real, live, love story happening right before your eyes.

Sound overly romantic? A bit, yes. But at the same time, weddings bring an adrenaline rush, a hip-hype excitement that isn't present in fashion or commercial work. These moments aren't posed, they just happen; and you, as the photographer, have to perfect the art of being at the right place at the right time. 

Tips for Shooting Weddings:

1. Dress NICE. Blend in with the other guests. Cargo pants and bulky gear belts are slightly tacky.

2. Create a rapport with your client. It's all about the experience. There are a million photographers out there, what makes you different?

3. Give them a schedule a week in advance depending on their ceremony time. This will help their expectations of the day-of and how long photography actually takes.

4. Come equipped with your ideas. Don't leave finding inspiration to the night before. Know what shots you'd like to create and run with them. You can find inspiration from magazines, or my favorite, JCREW and Nordstrom catalogues.  (Their men's poses are perfection)