Why We Need Mac N Cheese

DSC_0300 copy

It's just a Mac N Cheese kind of night. Husby is away, I'm alone, quiet and munching. It wasn't a perfect day, but there's an awesome therapy I've discovered for many of lifes ills: cooking.

Yes, cooking is my theraphy. Edible Creativity. Nothing is so reinvigorating as a bunch of tarragon and slowly mixing a bechamel sauce while sifting through Gordon Ramsay's latest. Though, good Lord, I have yet to learn how to pronounce half of what I cook.

It's Monday, Columbus Day and I'm going to celebrate that noted explorer with a bowl of the creamy. Yes, in moderation, (for those of you who know my back-story moderation is an beautiful thing) but highly enjoyed nonetheless.

Maybe I'll make some pumpkin bread later, and watch Downton Abbey. Truth be told, I'm not a baker, my cookies are usually in the hockey-puck family, but it's fun all the same.

Try cooking therapy. I dare ya.