Why I Outsource My Wedding Editing

For a photographer, time is money. I don't want to spend hours in front of a computer, away from my husby and drinking gallons of coffee just to survive. No, I want to be free to do what I love- working with people, shooting, telling stories and being with my family.

What to do with the massive stack of photos awaiting your editing pleasure? Outsource. Not only is it a much faster turn-around for your client, it releases you to work on things only YOU can do as the master builder.

  This is my post-wedding process (drum roll please)

1. Import Photos to Adobe Lightroom

2. Cull Overall images and Slideshow/Blog post images

3. Personally edit the aprox 120 images for Slideshow/Blog post and mark as "favorites"

4. Export the remainder to Photographers Edit for processing.

5. Once photos are sent- back to me, I export the finished jpgs and mail to the client with the "favorites" folder. All within 3 weeks.

Happy clients. Happy photographer.