Why I Love Weddings and Women

What I love to shoot- what I really shoot best- is weddings and women. It took me some time to realize that as a photographer you shouldn't shoot every subject that crosses your path just for the money. Find what you love, and figure out how to make money capturing it. Until you define who you are you cannot market your brand or put yourself out there with any sense. Focus only on the things you love. Show that, and that is the type of clients you will start getting.

For me, the romance and kinetic energy of couples sets me soaring. I love telling the story- the details, the passion, the laughter, the golden light. Weddings and engagements have an energy all their own.

The same goes for women- I know what a beautiful photo looks like, and I want to capture that for every woman I encounter. Not famous women, not gorgeous already-been-photographed women, but the relatable girl-next-door, from 8 to 80. To truly create and capture a connection on film, that is what I love. Feminine, modern, contemporary glamour- so good you'd put it on display in your home. Women want to be younger, slimmer, and gorgeous. They want to feel beautiful inside and out. I think I'm finally getting it- how to give them that experience.

Lots to learn and think about over the Holidays as I brainstorm for 2013. A few changes are in the works I think ;)


Top: Captured while shooting second for Bianca Jade Bottom: Joanie Anderson during a bridal portrait session