What to Wear to a Wedding


(as the photographer) Yes, we all want moveable, easy clothing, however, it doesn’t serve as an excuse to show up on your client’s wedding day looking like you’re going to paint the walls of your mom’s house.

Remember that how you look like when you show up at your client’s special event will ultimately reflect your work as a professional and how they refer you to others. And in consideration of the saying “you are what you wear”, wouldn’t your clients be more confident and trusting in your creative skills if you dress yourself in a way that adheres to the event’s theme?

So how do you go about this challenge? Here are a couple of tips to consider:

Knowing the dress code  Weddings are usually formal,  but they do vary. Match your attire to the feel of the location. Opt for dressy or smart casual. As defined by Ask, “dressy casual attire is usually meant for evening events that are more social and less of business type.” Weddings fit right into this category. Stylish and appropriate for the occasion. No matter what your preference is, these two styles will allow you to make yourself presentable during the client’s big day.

Comfortable Yet Appropriate Yes, you want to be able to move freely, but as much as possible, avoid jeans, cargo shorts, printed shirts, flip flops etc as you want to maintain that professional rapport with your clients. Retail brand Marks & Spencer is a great example of having a wide range of clothing selections that will address various needs. With their line of bridesmaid dresses as well as varied choices of formal jackets and crisp shirts for men; they have styles that can both adhere to your client’s dress code and your need for comfortable working clothes.

Check out Buzzle  for attire ideas, and even enumerated dos and don’ts for both men and women. Again, there’s no excuse for not looking the part as a professional and talented wedding photographer.