Wedding Photos & Chipped Teeth

I have been married for nigh exactly 6 weeks. Just last night I chipped my tooth in celebration. Nevermind that it was mid-blow in a full-scale pillow fight with my husband. Yes. He is very big and very strong and one heck of a pillowfighter; not to mention the best husband in the world.

The great and fabulous Nate Perkes, of Idaho, was flown out to capture our wedding bliss. Never have I made a better decision in my life. Both the marriage and choosing Nate, that is. :P

For a ton more photos and the details of our wedding, visit Nate's Blog 

See his craftsmanship below as pictured in our photos...we think you're awesome Nate and Luisa. We really wish you lived closer! Such a wonderful team, we adore you guys!