Wedding Highlights 2011- part 2

Craig & Liz, shot at the Benson Hotel, are beyond just lovers, they are best friends. To see her laugh and his grin as they played off each other, good Lord, people were stopping just to watch. ;)

I brought this shot to NY with me, something about them eyes.

Nick and Ruth's wedding in Boise, ID captured the joy of the "First Look"- it's that private moment for a groom to see his bride for the first time. I remember Ruth declaring, "Just let me see him! I want to see him!" you can see her excitement as she approached her man. ;)

Anna was so calm and ethereal day of the wedding, just floated her way through the day. Nick was incredibly lucky and boy did he know it ;)

Andy and Naomi, their sweetness was so tender and his protection and depth of passion for her was incredible. Nothing would get between him and his woman.

The beauty of the every day moments at a wedding...

I LOVE shooting details. Looking back, you'll se that picture and remember a different time and a different place.

Shot on the left is from the first look...

Naomi and Andy were both totally into photos (Insert::shout of joy::) and we opted to shoot in a nearby field to capture that golden light after they left the reception.

Gramma's vintage quilt, a stunning bride, wheat field and a heck of a lot of love.

Stunning wedding at the Queen Anne Victorian Mansion, Tyler and Heather had the most beautiful first dance.

She was so fiercely gorgeous. Kim is so strong and so dynamic, and so down to earth. No pretention, just living in the moment and enjoying this awesome guy. Brandon and Kim fit the wedding location, The Jenkins Estate perfectly.

I love this. I hope my husband-to-be sneaks that little kiss too ;P

Strength and Grace. This is Kim.

Trinidad, CA wedding close the Redwoods...oh yes please.

So studly.

Seriously wish these two lived closer- we would be BFFs.

I know, they were fabulous.

It was Cold. It was dark, but Galena and Daniel couldn't care less.

 Incandescently happy.