Wedding Highlights 2011- part 1

As I look over the past year, and the weddings therein I am so delighted and inspired. Honestly, I see how far I've come, I see how much I still have to learn and I remember so many sweet memories with these beautiful couples.

This Powell's wedding was a styled shoot, and they looked smokin hot crusing between shelves, peppered with "Congratulations" from the happy book addicts.

Kennedy School Styled Wedding, I love photographing this woman.

I want to eat the light in that building. The light itself is just screaming "old world glamour"

First wedding of the year- the way Bryce looked at Beth was enough to make your heart stop beating. He LOVES this woman.

A little beauty dish action held by my faithful second shooter Bianca.

Bad weather turned romantic when the Heather and Steve slid into the back seat to avoid the down-poar.

If it can tell a story, I've reached the apex of happiness. We'll just assume they owned the Rolls Royce :P

Harlan and Hannah are the height of city chic. Posh. Posh. and super hot.

I don't like traditional formals. So I don't do them.

I was laughing so hard I almost keeled over. In fact, I probably did, knowing my superb talent for falling over.

Stephen and Amanda, he was such a protector and yet they were incredibly playful. They are now nerf-gun pros and have an on-going duel ;) gotta love married life.

I never seen a couple so serene facing "less than lovely" weather conditions. Dustin and Caitlin- you guys were amazing. That's what umbrellas are for!

Elegance incarnate.

...what's your favorite shot so far?