Trinidad, CA Wedding: Jeremy and Caitlin

She had a crush on him for a while, but then he fell for her. And fell HARD. Not only is Caitlin beautiful, she is GOOD. That pure, gentle kind of goodness that makes everyone love her, including her family, friends, physical therapy clients and one lucky groom. ;) Jeremy and Caitlin, seeing and photographing you together brings me so much joy. You make each other shine brighter. Such a compliment of personalities and giftings. It was a great delight to be a part of your wedding and capture these memories. I only wish we lived closer, you're exactly the kind of new friends I would love to hang out with!!



The window light was perfect for her prep shots, who knew it was a kitchen?

Caitlin's dress was so ethereal, found at a Promises Bridal in Eureka, CA  with the most beautiful sleeves added by Monika's California Apparel. 

Meanwhile, Jeremy was getting ready at Westhaven Bible Chapel in the heart of the Redwoods.

I was coveting this hallway light and Jer was kind enough to oblige. :)

Jeremy had the most entertaining group of groomsmen I have ever photographed. HILARIOUS. I nearly peed my pants, thrice.

Perfect group of guys to break out my mustachios.

Caitlin you are seriously so so  beautiful. Soft, ethereal. You melted his heart.

Caitlin was a gymnast for many years and her team brought their own flair to the reception. 

First dance, backlit by a very convenient open doorway. There are certain wonderful advantages to afternoon weddings :) 

Those gorgeous blue eyes. 

The signature baloon making it's appearance. ;) We nicknamed this one Robin.