The Advents of Husby Wifey: T-Rex In Bed

It was with the utmost thoughtfulness, the sincerest love and devotion, the truest measure of overwhelming kind-hearted concern that lead our dear hero Husby, to write this missive to his wifey:

"Half serious, half-joking. For sleeping Tyranasaurus Rexs ;-D"

accompanied by this photograph:

screen-capture-12Yes, dear faithful readers, it comes complete with ear holes.

 While Husby may have had the best intentions, you can only surmise Wifey's barely intelligible response. For while Wifey is always the dear and devoted wife, this topic has been a sore spot for quite some time. Who's to blame when you're sound asleep and can't help your breathing sounding like a chain saw cutting a redwood? Hardly her own; if she had a choice in the matter, I'm sure she'd shut off the power button on the nasal crescendo pronto!

 Husby insists this headgear will do just the trick. "Better yet, let's just tie some socks together and use bungy socks!" he suggested. The bout ended with both laughing hysterically and Husby drowning wifey in a hail of kisses.

 T-Rex is apparently sticking around for quite a while.