The Advents of Husby + Wifey: 10 Secrets from the Wifey

Over tea yesterday wifey shared her Top 10 Secrets about Husby. Mums the word folks. No snitching!

1. He can imitate a killer Irish accent, it always makes her laugh.

2. He always checks the door lock, before they go to bed, for her safety.

3. Every morning when he bikes to work, he stops in the driveway and blows her a kiss.

4. He thanks her for making dinner every. single. night and (usually) insists on doing the dishes.

5. He has the best read-out-loud voice EVER.

6. He always saves her a seat next to him, no matter what, whenever they're in public.

7. Husby is the world's best tickler (...torturer is more like it.)

8. Husby is kind to a fault and always buys the street people coffee.

9. If wifey is tired and worn out from work, Husby rubs her feet and makes her tea.

10. Husby knows the exact perfect spot on Wifey's neck where only he can kiss her.

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