Zenith Vineyard Wedding: Kelli + Logan

Zenith Vineyard is nestled in rolling wine country just outside Salem, and was the green oasis where Kelli and Logan celebrated their wedding vows surrounded by family and friends. Kelli and Logan were remarkably easy going, and game for anything as we explored the grounds during their golden hour photos. It was clear they simply enjoyed the presence of the other, and were soaking in every minute of this incredibly beautiful day.

Kelly and Logan, I was particularly impressed by your others-focused attitude during your wedding. I remember over drinks Kelli described her desire that her wedding would be a day where her guests were able to really enjoy themselves. When mom had her unexpected hospital visit, both of you focused on her needs verses your own and honoring Cody as ring bearer definitely made my day ;) Thank you for the privilege of capturing your wedding- we were so delighted to have a "front-row" seat as your 8-18-18 day unfolded! 

These are just a smattering of images from your wedding- enjoy! 



Many thanks to Melissa Babasin for second shooting, at 8 months preggo I couldn't have done this without you! Who would have guessed baby would be here less than a week later! You were an absolute rockstar :D 

Hair/makeup: Blossom & Beauty
Venue: Zenith Vineyard Weddings
Catering/Coordinating: Willaby's
Cake: Lux Sucre
Photography: Portland wedding photographer Christa Taylor 


Best of Oregon Bride Magazine Real Weddings: Christa-Taylor

I was so delighted (and surprised!) to see 2 out of 10 of the "Best Real Weddings" were shot by our studio. You've seen these lovely weddings on our blog before, but to know that other audiences were inspired by them as well is very satisfying. Solo Deo Gloria. 

Here's a link to the Feature- and a few highlights from each of the two weddings :D 

Happy New Year 2016! 

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Best Real weddings, Oregon Bride Magazine and Christa Taylor Photography. 

Zenith Vineyard Wedding: Portland Wedding Photography

Zenith vineyard wedding portland or christa-taylor_0718 Zenith vineyard wedding portland or christa-taylor_0719Romantic Vineyard wedding, Zenith Vineyard wedding The perfect venue consists of several factors when it comes to planning your perfect Portland Oregon wedding. Granted, Zenith Vineyard is a bit out of town, but that's just fine. A little drive sets the stage for the drama later. Out in wine country, sits Zenith Vineyards surrounded by beautiful hills. They even feature a horse coral and a beautiful rustic barn for your wedding photos. Factor number #1: Drama. Create a beautiful visual.

Factor #2: Comfort for your guests. Venues that are exclusively outdoors often are difficult to work with. Zenith offers both outdoor and indoor options as the night goes on.

Factor #3: Great food. I know this is probably lower on some peoples lists- but as a portland wedding photographer,  I have tried some really bad catering. Zenith is definitely not one of them.

Factor #4: Great party spot. You have the drama, the comfort, the food- now you need a great party. The ballroom at Zenith is fantastic. Ideal for 180 guests its a great dance floor with plenty of room for a dj. A bit cramped for a full band, but that depends on your guest count.

Factor #5: No time limit. You know how many venues kick you out at a certain point? A Lot. Zenith knows that it's ideal client is there for the evening so they even off late-night catering options for the guests to enjoy. Pulled Pork Sandwiches, a marshmallow bar- even a whiskey and cigar bar were all cool add-ons.

Overall, having been to dozens of portland venues (and the surrounding area), i have to say this is one of my favorites. As a photographer, the light is ideal and it gets a gorgeous sunset in the vineyard up top. And who doesn't want a stunning fountain greeting their guests upon arrival? Just watch that your guests don't get too loopy and decide to go for a swim.

I have shot here on more than one occasion and I love it!