St Johns Engagement: Michael and Jen

I love it when the groom-to-be is into taking photos and sharing the moment. Michael was exactly that. Or maybe it was Jen's winsome and flirtatious eyelashes that had him happy as a clam. I haven't decided (I'm not  very good at making up my mind).

"he thought I was really cute" Jen confided over our skype chat as she shared their story. When his family invited us over for dinner, I "left my glove behind" so he would "have to return it"   This girl knows how to pull the line! Soon, everyone one knew love was in the making when Michael hurdled 30 miles ON A BIKE to be with her for a weekend.

Their story climaxes on a gloomy day in September, Jen was invited by the dashing Michael on a hike. Unfortunately, our heroine was feeling like anything but hiking. Cue Mission impossible. Through a super-human effort of spontaneous mental acuity Michael convinced Jen to ascend the mount. I don't think she regrets it. ;)

Atop Table Rock Michael drops to his knee- "Jennifer Nicole Cassaro, will you marry me?"

"He middle-named me!" She glows. A terrible day turned out beautiful. "The way down was MUCH happier, I couldn't stop looking at my finger" she giggles, head in her hands.

And so, happily engaged we speed to the a sun-shiny day in Cathedral Park where happiness is caught on camera.

We started under the bridge, beautiful lighted shade.

Jen you are so freaking beautiful. It's almost making me jealous.

Because Jen you are the queen of his heart.

The matching shoes just about killed me, Please can I match with my fiance'?