How to Shoot a First Dance

For years I struggled with how to capture moving subject in low light. It's like a recipe for disaster. There I was, flash bouncing off who-knows-what, my mangled camera strap getting in my eyes and sweat pouring out of my hands like I was in the mojavi desert. Not good.

It was time to do some research and stop panicking every time I heard the DJ cue the first dance.

Thanks to The Greys and Jasmine Star- I picked up some very helpful tips.

2 Flashes

I have 2 flashes, one is a SB800 (for Nikon) and the other is cheap knockoff brand by Youngnuo ($80 vs $400). I use Phottix triggers and put the SB800 on my hot shoe and the second flash on a table or stand in the background.

The flash on my camera I turn to TTL and set it to aim straight up towards the ceiling, the white bounce card in place. Using constant focus setting (for moving subjects). I then lock focus using the beam from the TTL flash and shoot away. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The second flash I set to manual mode (the cheapy only does manual mode anyhow) at 1/16th power, just a little pop of light for a cool effect.

Now, I'm sure I'll continue to modify and perfect this system overtime, but if you need somewhere to start- that's what I do :)

Here's what it looks like:

oaks park wedding photo christa taylor_0118


1/125th 50mm f2.8 ISO 800

oaks park wedding photo christa taylor_0119

this one I did not use a flash on my hot shoe, just ambient light. ISO 1000 1/200th 85mm f2.8

oaks park wedding photo christa taylor_0120

1/160th f2.5 50mm ISO3200 (VERY dark in there)