Ryan + Brianna: Paint War Engagement

I was really considering coming to this shoot decked in a paint tarp. You know, cut a few holes for my head and arms and voila- just try and get paint on me. I dare you. My fears, however, dissipated when I saw a seemingly innocuous canvas sitting prim and proper on the lawn. Boy was I duped, if gullible wasn't written on my forehead it would soon be painted on. What started as an innocent  "let's make a romantic memory" quickly turned into a full-scale paint war.

Dodge left, ::barely misses paint splatter::, duck right, ::direct hit::

These two love birds are hardly content sitting on the nest.

I laughed, keeling over as Brianna chased Ryan around the yard and squirted his glasses till he looked like One-Eyed-Pete. His revenge came with a full squirt of orange to her back. Me and George (me camera) watched with glee as white clothes turned into a menagerie of colors. Ryan and Brianna, what a hilarious afternoon. I loved seeing your competitive banter as you played off each other, teasing, flirting, stealing a kiss (you know who you are). Thank you for including me in your story, and here's to the upcoming wedding!

Paint war engagement