Portraits: Smalls and Co.

Smalls (also known as Sharon) is one of those  girls who is full of life, doesn't take herself too seriously and naturally puts you at ease. We met over coffee to talk about her shoot and she smiled continuously as she explained her "family". They are not bonded by blood, but love. They consider themselves sisters and have woven their lives inseparably together.

When they entered my studio we were immediately chuckling (and not just because little Hobbit was accidentally drinking the mimosas) and the time flew by.

I wish you could meet them. You'd like them.

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toblog-4 copyThis is hobbit. Named for her curls and darlingness.

toblog-14 copytoblog-16 copy

toblog-22 copytoblog-5 copytoblog-19 copy

Beautiful Beth, proud mommy of these two little people.