Portland Wedding Photographer: Favorites

Portland Wedding Photography is a challenge and a joy. Often I look at my work, and think, "what am I doing??" It's easy to want to drop everything and quit. But on the other side, you have this incredible satisfaction as you see your work. If you want to be a photographer prepare for a lot of responsibility. Portland Weddings aren't just a walk in the park. You have to be on your game 100% of the time. Get a good pair of shoes, because you're going to be hustling!

Before I make everything sound like gloom and doom, there are rewards. To capture that moment between grandfather and granddaughter. To see the tears in Dad's eyes as he gives her away. To see the grooms grin as he sees his bride for the first time. The inevitable laughter captured as the flower girl meanders down the aisle. (if she makes it! lol). The hoots and hollars of guests as they clink the glass for a kiss. The brides happy smile during her first dance. The tears during the toasts. The ring bearer asleep on his dad's shoulder. Grandpa laughing uproariously on the dance floor. These are the moments you get to witness. But god forbid you don't snap that camera into place as fast as you can when it comes! lol. Yea. no pressure ; P

 Below i have listed out a few of my favorite things about weddings. Not the emotions per se' just the photo side of things. The nerd comes out- so bare with me;)

Sometimes I just want to look over some of the memories from past weddings...November finally gives me a chance to do so.

Things I love:

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Portland wedding photographer christa taylor_0454

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