Portland Treasury Wedding: David & Kristi

They were in a vortex of happiness and love. Every jot and tittle had been planned and these two were PLANNERS. Planners to perfection. Perfection it was.

Nothing could keep the smile off Kristi's face, she giggled and laughed like a school girl with the beauty of a goddess. Her warmth and delight in her groom pervaded the bridal suite and not a stress or worry perturbed the scene. For better or worse, they would stick it out, which made her smile all the more.

She floated up the stairs to her waiting groom, slipping around the corner to surprise him. As she glided into his arms, he cried.

David & Kristi, thank you for letting me share your love story. It was such a privilege to watch and participate with family and friends as your love intertwined as one.

Class and Sophistication. You can tell by the invites :) And one darling beauty, Cate Winkelman:) 

While the girls were getting their finishing touches, we shot the brides details in the foyer.

The Natural light flooded through the windows at the Benson Hotel across the street where David and his groomsmen were getting ready.

Sarah Adams at Seventy Seven Salon in the Pearl is a masterful hair artist, and Josiah had our girl looking magical.

Cute Girls. Cute Chair.

It was cold outside. But these girls were so happy you couldn't tell. (signature balloons makes their presence known)

Omg. Kristin. You take my breathe away.

I'm always delighted when the couple opts for a first look, it makes for very relaxed wedding photos. There is nothing that compares to that romantic moment when bride and groom see each other for the first time.

The Portland Treasury is full of cool nooks and crannies, including a stellar vault. They won't let us take pictures inside. I asked.

The Benson. Huge glorious lobby windows. One superb General manager. Probably not the reasons why David and Kristi chose it, but very good reasons all the same ;P

In January, the light fades by 4pm, I was boosting the dusk with my ever-faithful beauty dish.


Such a precious ceremony. Almost had me crying.

David couldn't keep his eyes off her, their love was so tangible it spilled out onto everyone around them.

David and Kristi, I am so happy for you. May your love continue to grow and blossom in the coming years!