Portland Pearl District Engagement: Kristi & David

The way her smile made her eyes sparkle when she looked at him. It was like it was always trying to escape from the corners of her mouth and erupt with love all over him.

They were introduced at David's older brothers wedding. Well, actually, there was a giant vase of flowers blocking Kristi's face most of the night, but despite the ill-placed flowers fate had been decided.

 It didn't take long for David to realize he couldn't live without this girl. While David finished up his schooling he dreamed of spending the rest of his life with this gem by his side.

We started cruising around the Pearl district for some fun candid shots. I told them to stop being so hot. They told me that was impossible ;P

hot. hot. hot.

Kristi, cautious and deliberate new she was in love when she hopped on the back of David's racing bike. Love makes you crazy in a completely wonderful way.

Hot couple, hot bike. Yes please.

The light was fading fast so we jumped to the park blocks for some fall color and the light was as soft and romantic as one could wish.

Kristi, you are so so gorgeous. Really. really.


love when a couple is willing to play in front of my camera.

David and his future groomsmen will be getting ready at The Benson before the upcoming wedding, so we stopped in to warm up and take some more shots.

The evening light filtering through the windows was perfect for this shot.

Who wouldn't want to kiss her?

Wedding at the Portland Treasury this January!