Portland Boudoir Photos: Miss J

Portland Boudoir photos can vary so much. From super sappy 80s style to beautifully airy photos full of light. Personally, boudoir for me is about light and mood. I love the dramatic feel to this entire session, completely photographed on old-school film. I based the way I use light on who the client is and their personality. Miss J is an amazing woman, and did a session just for herself, so it has more contrast than most. I don't put a lot of images on the web because I truly value my clients privacy and believe firmly that what is intimate should stay intimate.

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Boudoir photography is about reveling in your femininity without compromising your decency. We want to give confidence to women but maintain that respect and hidden allure that is so powerful. Boudoir photography is the art of finding the balance. Sit back, let us do the work! Enjoy a luxurious experience from the minute you walk in to the minute you leave.

Miss J found her some of her favorite wardrobe pieces for this shoot at Nordstrom.