Portland Boudoir Photographer: The why

Boudoir photography. Being a wedding photographer is easy- being a boudoir photographer is a whole different story. Not only do you have to be very discreet during the session, you can't even really show the images AFTER the session. How do you advertise something you can show? For me, Word of mouth has been the primary source of my boudoir clients. But boudoir isn't for the every day pocket book. It's a luxury item, an experience that clients want to "live". It's not just images. It's a feeling.

To feel gorgeous. To feel sensual. To feel confident. These are things every woman wants. And through much practice, I am confident I can give it to them.

Boudoir photography is a growing movement. More and more women are seeking something that pushes their comfort zone, but still feels "safe". As a photographer, boudoir lets me enjoy my art while empowering women in a unique way.


Pentax 645. Fuji 400h rated at 320. 75mm 2.8