Marketing Tips: How to Create a Gift Voucher

Here's a few generalizations that I have found to be true: 

  • -Most photographers struggle with the business aspects of their company
  • -Every photographer would love more of their "ideal" clients.
  • -Photographers aren't really sure how to market themselves other than bridal shows
  • -New photographers think that you have to have a studio and a ginormous assortment of products to be successful.
  • -Many photographers spend their marketing dollars ineffectively in traditional advertising that produces very low ROI.

At one time or another I displayed each of these in my own business. Now into my 3rd year, I'm finally getting a little perspective and want to share what I've learned with those  wanting to avoid costly mistakes.

Using Gift Vouchers

 One of the simplest, most effective ways to market yourself is a simple gift voucher. A beautiful little card, enclosed in a stunning envelope, sealed with your logo. As you're talking with a new friend or a previous client you hand them this expensive looking envelopment and say something like: "I want to give you this gift voucher towards a complimentary double makeover and $100 towards prints. It can be used as a gift for a girlfriend but most of my clients love to celebrate this season of their lives and book their own exclusive session."

The gift voucher includes an expiration, which is a Call to Action on their part.

The front is one simple, gorgeous image highlighting the style of photos I capture. The Back bears this simple message, and a line for you to fill in the expiration and name of the recipient.

gift voucher back

For those of you interested- I do design and print these with beautiful gift vouchers as a service to photographers. The design collection includes the accompanying envelopes to match your brand.

(all imagery copyright Christa-Taylor 2013)