Mark + Christina: Kelly Point Park Wedding

Dan and I were delighted to share dinner with Mark and Christina and hear their sweet love story together. There is such a peaceful settledness about the two of them, Mark cracks his wry smile and makes us all laugh with one of his stories. Christina quietly describes her research that brought invites and acclaim from Stanford. Both are so  genuine and real, an instant friendship formed between us. It was with great joy that I had the honor of photographing their covenant of love on an early Saturday morning. Thank you dear friends, for opening your hearts and lives to both Dan and I. What a joy to share this season with you...we are so privileged to know you both.

Her dad bought this rabbit fur for her mother while they were still dating, 30+ years prior.

The Sun was just pouring through the window, giving us that gorgeous light.

Dang girl, can you get any more gorgeous?

 Such a sweet father/daughter relationship, reminded me of my own.

Fond of the movie UP, Mark + Christina wanted to bring that story to their own wedding day.