Kayrin + Jon: Meriwether Golf Club Wedding

It has been a long journey. You would never guess by the joy shared between them that they have suffered much grief in their recent past. This day was a celebration of all they have endured in bringing them to this place, of years of patience, of two families uniting, of a friendship that neither expected to work and ended in marriage. The sky was a gorgeous overcast (yay Portland!) as Kayrin slipped into her bridal flip-flops and brisked her way to the front lawn where Jon waited. I smile as I remember his over-the-top excitement to see his bride, he was practically bursting with it. With Kayrin at his side, he is complete, what he once thought was impossible is reality. His enthusiasm overflows onto her and She smiles,  playfully patting his suit lapels as if to say "you rascal". They banter back and forth as we move through their portraits, both laughing at each other, just happy to finally be at this day.

Kayrin and Jon...I can't tell you how privileged I feel to have been a part of this event. To see you both come together, and see the joy and delight of family and friends...I was swept up into it and can only say you both deserve every happiness. Many thanks and appreciation- <3 Christa



Jon's face says it all.

Thank you Joyce Reynolds for the beautiful floral work.


She is so beautiful. Thank you to Jessica Belknap for the makeup artistry and Van  at Wild Hair Salon for the gorgeous locks.



Many thanks to Agape Bakery for this amazingness.

The awesome DJ, Aaron Harris, filled the spot last minute when the previous guy backed out.

Watch MORE HOTNESS by clicking the slideshow below: