Jon + Laura: Washington Estate Wedding

When two of your friends get married, it's like enjoying the merge of two separate favorites. You once new them as separate entities and can watch with delight as they unite as one. Each brings out different qualities in the other that neither would reveal alone. When Jon looks at Laura, it's like beams of joy are shining out of his eyes, so tangible you can almost reach out and touch them. Elation, delight, pleasure, peace. Laura reflects back with equal vibrance which lead her father to toast: "If this wedding could be captured in one word, it would be joy". 

Joy indeed. And oh how they love to laugh. Laughter as they prepared to see each other, laughter as they flirted and teased each other, laughter as they delighted in their first kiss, laughter during stories and toasts and dancing...laughter as they drove away, joy incarnate.

Thank you Jon and Laura for allowing me the privilege of capturing your wedding memories, and for the joy of your friendship these past many years. I love you both and am incredibly delighted to see you united.  Solo Deo Gloria!



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