Jennifer + Ryan: Summerfield Golf Club Tigard, OR

They fell in love over teeth. They really did. Swear to God, it wouldn't have happened had a dentist chair and a serious set of chompers not been involved. Ryan loved being in the armed services, it was challenging,  intellectual, a family heritage...but he knew as thriving as he was- something was missing. All the ambition in the world can't fill the place of a woman in a man's heart. When his routine cleaning came along, the board was set...he was about to fall in love with those sparkling eyes behind the hygenist's mask.

Jenn, now heading to be an oral surgeon has that breathless grace that communicates perfect ease and confidence in who she is. A sense of asuredness in her step and the freedom to be downright goofy when appropriate. When they're together, 2 halves have found a whole. He makes her laugh at herself, while her presence near his side suddenly straightens his shoulders and makes him stand taller.

Ryan and Jenn, thank you so much for including me in your day. What a beautiful merging of two lives together. Being around your beautiful families for this 3rd Elzinga family wedding, sharing the laughter and sweet moments is a true privilege. Many, many blessings to you both!

So Studly Major Ryan Swedlow.

After getting her hair done by the talented Alissa Ricci (so good to see you again Alissa!) we met in the yard for their first look. Yowza! hot. hot. hot.

Clearly this man knows how to rock the "Blue Steel", lol. You both just make me smile so big. are so. freakin. gorgeous.

After dinner was served at the Summerfield Golf Club we snuck off for these golden hour photos. 5 minutes is all we had, you two rocked it.

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