Jenn & Ryan

I have had the incredible privilege of shooting 2 other Elzinga family weddings. Naomi Elzinga was married last July and Kim Elzinga the following September. I love when I have the opportunity to get to know these families and enter one of the most sacred of family moments. Jennifer contacted me a few months back and it was with great joy that we started the journey to this 3rd Elzinga family wedding! There was such a presence of rest and security between these two beautiful people. They trusted each other, were comfortable in their own skin and had an obvious maturity and depth to their romance. Ryan told the story of how they met with a mischievous twinkle in his eye and joked how Jenn was more attracted to his teeth than to his face...yes, it makes sense when you realize Jenn is a soon-to-be dental surgeon.

And Jenn...she has that perfect blend of being incredibly beautiful and fabulously intelligent simultaneously. A man feels taller when she's on his arm. At least Ryan does :)

Thank you for allowing me to enter into the richness and depth of your relationship.Thank you for your immediate transparency and letting your guard down. Thank you for being so hot- you make me look good ;P  You guys truly are a joy to be around, and I so look forward to capturing your October wedding.