I'm a Wannabe Writer

Baby Photography Portland OR It's funny how much time we spend inadvertently trying to be like someone else. We want their style, their hair, figure, persona, skills, studio space, success, even their hobbies. If we're just enough like them, we will be successful and accepted. We'll finally feel like an insider, one of the gang. But in all our desiring and longing and conforming we leave behind the very strengths that make us a success.

My differences and eccentricities (and boy do I have a few) are what makes me stand out from the sea of others trying to look the same. Jasmine Star explains:

"I firmly believe photographers should create a list of their assets...Gender, age, geography, and culture can all be assets if seen through the right lens. Be sure to focus on whatever makes you different and showcase that."

Now, unlike Jasmine, I'm not a writer. Most of the time the empty post stares back at me, oozing blank boringness. Words don't come readily, I never took a writing class or mastered the 700 word essay.  Quite frankly, I suck at writing.

If I keep attempting to be the ever-witty blogger who's turn-of-phrase is nigh addicting to the common reader, I can promise you one thing--I'll fail.

I guess all that to say, it's ok to accept and embrace your particular limitations and style of communicating. If you'd never seen another bloggers writings, how would you muse? What elements of branding and website do you want your clients to experience?  It's easy to idolize someone you admire and try to mimic everything they do- but trying to be someone else is exhausting and unsustainable. Ultimately it sends a confusing message to your clients and leaves you depressed and deflated. You won't achieve consistent success until you embrace your story and own who you are. Guess that begs the question- Who are you anyway?

While I'm still trying to clarify that, I know one thing, I'm having a heck of a lot of fun figuring it out. ;)


credit: Nicholas Jespersen