How to Photograph Wedding Rings

facebook_0050 When it comes to wedding photography, most of us think of the bigger things first- the classic "money shots". While I love those shots- I think some of the smaller details, like the wedding rings get over-looked. These details are what ultimately will lead to getting your wedding published- which is always good right?

Beautiful images of the rings on display can make for great additions to the wedding album, or even cover photos for thank you notes and things of that nature. So here are a few tips on how to capture these detail ring photos.

Play With Different Backgrounds

Much of the beauty of ring photos is ultimately achieved through lighting and angles, but you can also have some fun with the different backgrounds you choose for your ring photos. Here are a few popular ideas that make for lovely photos:

    • Dining Background - Place your rings delicately in the foreground with a white china plate complete with fork and cake crumbs in the background, perhaps with a half-drained champagne glass on the side. This will capture the appealing decadence of the wedding.
    • Jewelry Box Background – Because the ring designer is often a sig. part of the story, shoot the rings with their original boxes- (i.e. photo of your wedding rings arranged on top of or next to an elegant box can be stunning and really tell their story.)
    • Floral Background - Keep it fresh (good bye 80s!) by posing with the flowers in a non-traditional style. Try hanging from the bouquet ribbons, stems or even some of the table top foliage.
    • Papergoods Background - Capitalize on their personalized wedding program, invite or menu- something fun with their names on it, or where their personality is strongly expressed.


Be Careful With Lighting and Lens

Naturally, you always want good lighting for a detailed photograph, but with rings you have to be particularly careful. Use your Macro lens for these details and breathe out slowly to make sure your sharp on the diamond head itself. Because I love natural light, I'm careful to keep the window or light source at 45degrees of the ring.

Try Different Angles

There's a lot to show off in wedding and engagement rings, so be sure to experiment with different angles while you take your photos. Simply moving 180 degrees gives you a whole new perspective. Practice at home and you'll have a litany of ideas ready for your next wedding.


77Dimage 1 Image Source: 77 Diamonds