How to Choose an Album- or not.

So For the past year I have printed my wedding photo-books through Blurb.

To all those newbies out there- learn from my mistakes. Do not use a photo book company to print your wedding albums. It just

So yea.

It is time to put my big-girl panties on and move to a full-fledged, lay-flat, leather bound, smell-expensive  ALBUM COMPANY.

Here are the Contenders:

Option #1: 

Diversified Lab- at Looks legit, and very reasonable for a 11x14 album. Album would end up costing me aprox $180.

Option #2: Aside from the fact that their name sounds like "A Sucky book" they seem pretty darn legit. Owned by Kubota (the famed producers of Kubota Photoshop Actions which I envy and adore) they are so Pro they aren't even open to the public. That or they are super elite and arrogant. Not sure which. Don't worry, I will leave no rock unturned in discovering their true identity. Anxiously awaiting my registration to go through I have no idea what their albums will cost. May $30 maybe $3,000. I'm rooting for the former.

Option #3:

Mpixpro - has a cool homepage, I'll admit. Very creative. Something some of these other album companies could use a little help with. I like the sizing options here...again a "sign in" to find we go again. But VERY fast processing. That's a plus.



Option #4:

My solo Cut and Paste Project. I make a cardboard cover and print out the images at Costco. Little glue and snip-snip...voila! I'm liking the sound of this. Maybe for the eco-bride?

....and there goes my credibility. ;P

Further research is obviously needed. I will proceed into the album world with confidence and courage!!!