How to be Photo-genic


What does photogenic even mean anyways? "Hi I'm Christa, I"m going to teach you how to be genic in photos" hmm.

While we all stroke our chins and puzzle that one out, here's a few tips ladies from the not-so-expert.

1. Breathe through your mouth. Simple but very effective, relaxes the mouth and let's the perfect pouty lips surface :)

2. Pop your knee. Whichever knee is closer to the camera, bend it. This movement shifts your weight to your back foot/hip, creating long lean lines.

3. Drop the chin, just lower your chin a tad so your almost looking up through your eyelashes. Very flattering to the chin. While your at it, bring your nose a little to one side, keeping your eyes at center. Bringing your face to one side is always flattering. Girls look great in any twists/turns/angles.

4. Take a deep breathe  -literally, take a deep breathe and let it out, it will relax your shoulders and send a message to your brain that you are smokin hot.

5. Think triangles. triangles with your legs when your sitting, triangles in the space between your bent arms and waist. triangles are created anytime your bend those arms and bringing your hands back to some part of your body (arms above head, hands resting on head etc) start checking out poses from models and you'll see LOTS of triangles.

6. Bring your hands in. Play with your hair, gently bring hands to cheek or chin-line, play with your jewelry, anything to keep those hands in the frame and close to the focus point.

7. Thin your thighs. When sitting down in a chair or any sitting pose, sit on the VERY edge of the seat, bringing your shoulders/chest forward a bit towards the camera. super flattering.

7. Be present in the moment. Best advice I can give, is really just be playful, romantic with the people you are with. Lucky for you if you have a handsome man next to you- if it's a solo, just have fun, let your personality/expressions fly loose!