How to be Fabulous: Thoughts for 2012

There's so many goals written for people in the month of January. Pens are out, lists are stuck to the bulletin board and gym memberships sky-rocket in popularity. This year, I don't want any crazy goals to give my rear some umph in January only to be discarded by Feb 1st.

Here's 5 things I really want to do, that involve the things that are already a part of my life, the people I love, the habits I have established. I'm not a witty person, nor do I have a fabulous sense of humor, but I am passionate about what I love, and can tell you them straight up.

1. Stop and... Stomp in more puddles. Listen to the Wind in the trees. Bake some cookies for my man. Give my sister a hug. Tell my Mom that she's amazing. Send a text to a friend with love. Wiggle my toes in sand. Play the piano more. Pull a prank.

2. Share more of Me. It's hard for me to be open and vulnerable about my life. This must go. I want to stand confident in who I am as a Christian and how that impacts everything in my life.

3. Take Time for Retreat. Introvert? Yes, I am. But I LOVE people - go figure. In order to really thrive and dream and get inspired- I need a day a month to just think. Think, pray and refocus.

4. Save some girls. I try to help girls who are targets for human trafficing. That's all I'm gonna say. But this year, I want to make a difference.

5. Get my first kiss. 2012 baby. Bring it on. One man, and only one will get to enjoy these lips;P

Photo Credit: Bianca Jade, my second shooter and friend