How to Avoid Bankruptcy as a Photographer

facebook_0488 The more you get immersed into the photography world, the more you realize how much MONEY you can spend on equipment, workshops, travel, conferences, software, gear, gear and more gear.

Every new training session you enjoy you find new equipment to buy, new upgrades to purchase or new memberships to join.

I'm here to say- enough is enough.

As a photographer it is so easy to destroy your profits by buying all the latest and greatest. Yes, Lightroom 5 is now available, as are the new VSCO filters, and of course camera body upgrades- but As my dad, and successful entrepreneur says, "sometimes, adequate is good enough". You are a business, not a hobby. Avoid the temptation to base your identity as a photographer in what version you use or the ever-present desire to compare yourself to the leading industry professionals.

I'm not ashamed to say I still work on a Macbook Pro from 2005 with a broken shift key. I fully intend to work this little bit of computer magic into. the. ground.

Adequate is good enough. Because frankly, I'd rather  be making money and paying off our mortgage than sitting pretty on the latest version of photoshop.

The end.