Hillsboro Engagement: Heather + Peter

heather_peter_engage-49 copyOnce upon a time there were 2 brothers...who happened to love 2 sisters. Such is the beginning of the love story of Peter and Heather. Heather's older sister married Peter's older brother last summer...and this summer the families will be united for a second time, for a second marriage ;P Peter Knezevich,  (Yes, It's Serbian) lived just a few blocks from his future bride for years without even knowing it.

Heather laughed as she recounted the times their families used to spend together, little knowing they would one day be related.

"I do remember one Sunday morning at church that we passed each other in the hallway, and he said hi to me and asked how I was doing. He seemed genuinely interested in me, which surprised me. I started noticing him more at church and thinking what a nice guy he was, hoping that I could get to know him better.

I fell in love with Peter because he is a fun-loving guy who genuinely loves the Lord and cares about people. When he talked to me, I knew he was "the real thing." He truly cared about me and I knew he was a guy I could trust." 

Heather and Peter have decided to save their first kiss for their wedding day, while some may consider this unusual, it is a distinct part of who they are and their story. It will be all that much sweeter and I'm quite sure (from experience) that it's worth the wait.

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