Highschool Hottie: Clareesa Jones

The secret of taking truly amazing photos (and boy am I a far cry from attaining that yet;) ::Drum roll please:: Teamwork. No, this is not some mantra for a motivational seminar. I'm talking about the secret behind every great photographer. They have their crew, their homies, their hair/makeup crew...like potholes and flat-tires. They go together. All that to say, when shooting a high school senior, it's more than just grabbing your camera and heading for the local brick wall. It's about calling ahead, booking an assistant and making an image that your client will swoon over. Or at least they wont' grimace. (you hope)

 Clareesa, you brave girl you, never knew you'd be glamming up a pile of wood did you? Always love it when a sweet girl like you has a backbone to match ;)