Finding Killer Locations

"...I've shot here like 5 zillion times. I am such a lame photographer. Christa, that wall mural can be shot only so many times."

Yea. You've been there. The creative juices have long since ebbed away to nothingness and you're left with a paint brush and no paint.

To avoid creative melt-down- here's what I suggest. Ready for this? Oh this is brilliant:


Yes, so simple. so divine. So often ignored. (myself in particular) Photos don't just happen- you have to make the moment. And that takes thought and planning and day dreaming and imagination. It's like Disney on steroids.


Not a list person? Then I can't help ya.  Keep a running list (or mental photo album for the none-listers) of photo shoot spots as you see them.  Just yesterday I ran into an amazing mural and jotted down the street address. The sweet boyfriend also sent over a sweet location in the least likely area of town. These are pockets of magic and you need to keep that little bit of Disney handy for those days when your brain feels like a limp noodle, or inebriated vegetable, or soggy get the idea.